Mackenzie ~ Senior Year

Last year I had the privilege of shooting Matt and Samantha’s wedding, and one of the beautiful bridesmaids that day was Samm’s sister, Mackenzie. Time flies, and here we are almost a year later and Mackenzie’s getting ready to graduate! How fun it was to shoot the portraits of the second of the Chaney girls! Enjoy!

Bryan and Makenzie – A Colony House Wedding

Our engagement session last May was delightful, but the wedding day was even more so! Surrounded by their adoring families and some really cool and fun friends, the wedding was – from my vantage point – everything the hoped it would be!  Their pastor knocked his comments over the wall – so to speak – and the love and grace that covered the place was palpable.

Truly an honor to photograph their day and to be a part of Makenzie’s family’s celebrations yet again!  Thank you!

Here a few of my favorites from the day.

EJ ~ Senior Year

I’ve had the privilege of knowing EJ and his family for some time now, and as the youngest, he’ll be the last of the kids I get to shoot senior portraits of! His older sisters made for some pretty pictures a few years ago, (you can see Lolo’s on this site here) and EJ kept that string going, albeit in a more manly way!

He and his family are truly wonderful people, and spending some time with him and his mom was — as always — a blast! Thank you!

These next images are, admittedly, unlike any senior portraits I’ve ever done.  But to know EJ, is to know he loves getting outdoors and hunting game.  So, it was natural to put him in that environment, complete with camo!  I may not become a hunter due to this, but I must admit I thought these were pretty cool!


Watch out Mr. Deer!  He’s watching you!

Matt and Samm – They’re Married!

They met in high school but fell in love while in college … and now their lives are set to soar together! Matt just graduated from the Air Force Academy and after their honeymoon, they hit the road to Mississippi to start flight school.

The joy and radiant spirit of their relationship and families that are excited about their union was evident throughout the afternoon and evening. It was a special wedding and reception, and one can only assume so too will be their lives!

Larry and Sandy Pendleton - July 29, 2015 - 12:41 PM

Beautiful pictures of our granddaughter Samantha and Matt on their wedding day.

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