Perry ~ Senior Year

He’s quiet and a bit reserved in personality, but don’t let that disguise the real Perry. He’s a quiet storm.

His high school years are marked by a success that’s quiet, but not in the sense of absent. From academics to athletics, he has achieved far more than most kids his age. His grades are near the top of his class, his athletic accomplishments are the stuff most guys would pay for.

Perry’s accolades are louder than him, but that’s ok. Those of us who know him, know that whatever good he has gotten, its come through hard work and discipline. The achievements weren’t aimed at for the sake of fame or notoriety, rather, Perry has gone after the goods for that’s what you should do. Intrinsic rewards are rich and don’t draw loud or flashy announcements from those who’ve reached them.

With college at Nortre Dame DeLamure in the Bay Area on the horizon, none should be surprise to see even more success come his way. Just don’t expect him to shout about it.

We had fun exploring the wilds of Riverside for his senior portraits. Here’s a few of my favorites.

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