The Pyle Family

I love families! I love how God throws a couple together and then along come kids who have no choice in the matter and the group is forced to forge a lifetime together … for better or worse. Some make it, some don’t … regardless of blood.  What holds families together is fascinating to me. Stickin’ out the years and challenges isn’t easy. It takes love, commitment, forgiveness … and so much more.

As I had the privilege of meeting the Jeff and Kelli Pyle for the first time I was instantly tuned into one of the key ingredients of this fantastic family … laughter!

It came easily, abundantly, fully and loudly. It was FUN!  With two grown kids in the clan, both headed enrolled in some very good colleges, there seemed much to celebrate as a family that has done a lot of things well. Maybe the laughter along the way had something to do with that success, but whatever it was, spending 90 minutes with this family was a real treat!

Thank you!

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