Lane ~ Senior Year

Another successful high school senior!  Wow, have I been blessed to be able to watch some of these kids excel and then to capture them in pixels here at the end of their run.

They say “graduation” isn’t an end, but rather a beginning. While Lane’s high school years have been truly remarkable, it’s not a stretch to think of how his years at Vanderbilt — which start next August — are going to be even better.  Ambitiously (totally in character) he’s planning on double major in English and Economics.

Don’t be fooled by the placid nature of the images that follow.  They belie his drive and ambition!

Brian and Makenzie – Engaged

Makenzie, the sister of Morgan whose wedding I shot a couple of years ago, (which happened to be one of my personal highlights of that year) called me in just a couple days after Brian popped the question and asked me to shoot her wedding and engagement session.  What a joy!

Getting to know another daughter of the Gage family and her handsome and happy fiance Brian was a lot of fun.  Besides Morgan’s wedding, we had a lot of things in common … from Biola University where both met and graduated, to Brian’s time spent during his early teens as a missionary kid in Egypt … well, lets just say it was easy to spend a couple of hours with these two and connect in the “small world” this place has become!

So looking forward to their wedding in November!  Here are a few images from our engagement session!


Danica – Senior Year

Danica will graduate from Norco High School in California in just a few weeks … and then it’s off to Colorado for school and basketball at Western State University.  She laughs easily, she comes off with an aroma of grace and poise.  Though she plays the tough and demanding position of center on the basketball court, off the court, her style is of kindness, conversation and a smile that lights up and beckons one to smile with her.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our afternoon shoot!

Kendall – Senior Year

A year ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Kendall’s older brother Cory.  Both young men are accomplished gentlemen who were successful in high school and off to play football — Cory in Idaho, and Kendall in Wyoming.  I enjoyed walking through parts of Redlands to capture these shots.  Here are a few of my favorites!

F a c e b o o k