Chad ~ Senior Year

Chad is heading into his senior year with a smile and a plan. His time spent in high school has been a positive one and with eagerness he’s attacking what’s left of it and planning for a future in church ministry. Easy to smile and laugh and a passionate thinker, Chad’s a guy that it’s really hard not to like immediately.

We had a fun time exploring Sycamore Canyon. Here are a few of my favorites from our session!

How could you not like a guy who shoots a Canon?

He’s a passionate follower of Christ and studies the Bible in his spare time!

The McLarty Family

I had the pleasure of working with the McLarty family back in the 90’s when the boys were all young. Well, they are all in their 30’s now and their family is as solid and loving as they come! Mark and Sally have quite a brood and the grandkids are adorable!

This was a fun shoot, not just because they are a good-looking crew, but the memories of days gone by came crashing down and made the moment another treasure in my life. Thanks guys!

Oh! the laughter of little kids! Love it.

And then a duck entered the frame…

Jason and Courtney Wedding!

The day began with atypical July showers in So Cal, which turned to thunder and downpours. Though Courtney and Jason looked calm and assured of good weather by the time the wedding was to start, for awhile it didn’t look promising.

Leave it to the weather though to cooperate! By the time the party arrived at the outdoor venue, the skies were breaking from grey to patchy blue and as the guest arrived, the day had in fact, turned into a typically gorgeous So-Cal day.

Courtney was radiant, Jason was handsome, the party was rockin and the day was a lot of fun! Here are a few of my favorite images!

Robyn and Sara ~ Cal Poly Grads!

While most of my photography focuses on high school graduates, it was a lot of fun to capture on film a couple of best friends who are graduating from college! Robyn and Sara are enjoying the happy occasion of leaving behind school and entering the work world. They have done college well and are headed in the public relations/communications fields … in fact, Robyn has been thinking about doing television journalism.

One thing is for sure, their confidence and ability to pursue their goals and dreams and all good things should take them far and make it well as they do. I’m pretty sure their friendship – which is as genuine as they come – will stand the test of the transition that is to come.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our afternoon spent at Cal Poly Pomona!

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