Emma ~ A Senior from Riverside

I had the great opportunity and honor to spend some time with Emma and a few of her close buddies and shooting her senior portraits. What fun! Emma’s a senior who has got life going on … full of laughter and kindness and wit and intelligence. She has surrounded herself with great friends and has filled her high school days with wonderful accomplishments and service to others.

She’s headed to Pt. Loma University next year and will, I’m sure, continue the love, laughter and friendship — not to mention academic success – at her new school and in her next chapter of life.

Thank you Emma for choosing me to capture on film this moment in your life and thank you for the positive impact you’ve had on my life!

Emma invited some of her close buddies to the shoot and it was fun to include them in a bunch of the images.

Ready, Set, GO! Emma has run cross country and track in high school, along with most of her friends. Jenna, however, a volleyball player, just doesn’t quite “get” the running thing. You do this for fun?? … fun image!

Alma and Lauren – Laughter is Made in Riverside

Spend any amount of time with this mom and her daughter, you won’t have to wait long until there’s gleeful laughter coming from either one or both. They smile warmly and naturally and its obvious they enjoy spending time with one another.

A few days ago, we had a great time shooting some portraits – and laughing – and these are some of the fun shots that I captured! Enjoy!

Lauren took several years of gymnastics … it shows!

Lisa ~ Senior Year

Lisa has done the high school thing just about as well as anyone. A GPA north of 4.0 and a 2-sport athlete throughout, she’s excelled and made friends and grown and well, is ready for the next step!

For starters, she’s headed to Embry Riddle University in Arizona where she’ll be studying aeronautical engineering. To that I say: “WOW!”

I’m excited to see where her bright future will take her and I’m grateful for the opportunity to capture what her senior portraits. Agree with me that if she does college as well as she takes a photograph, it’s going to be a very beautiful college career!

King High Remembers, 2013

On Friday I had the privilege of shooting the 13th annual event known as “King High Remembers.” It’s a wonderful affair! over 270 veterans of American wars as far back as WW2 descend upon Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, CA to tell their stories to the students of the current Junior class. The students are dressed to the nines and they come face to face with history!

Here are some of my favorite images that tell the story of the morning..


The school’s band starts the morning off with patriotic music as the vets arrive…


They are greeted graciously at the doors by student volunteers


The opening ceremonies include a “missing man” tribute led by a JROTC Cadet


The program’s creator John Corona, and the school’s principal, Darel Hansen

At the end, as the school choir sung the service songs, members of each branch stood. This proud marine shed a tear as the song of the Marine Corps was sung.


It was my dad who inspired me to take up a camera back in the day when I was younger, so of late it’s been fun for him and I to take the cameras out and just shoot for fun. Last time we did so we were in Dallas TX, and the obvious results were the physical creations of man. Architectural lines and geometry pulled the lens in their direction. You can see the results of that photo safari here.

Yesterday he and I visited the Huntington Library in Pasadena and it was the architecture of God that captured our interests. The infinite designs and geometry hidden in plant life screamed, “Take a picture of this!” I found that the “desert garden” was a photographer’s playground. Here are a few that I liked.

F a c e b o o k